Thrive in Any Future

Helping organizations be prepared for and agile enough to consistently profit and prosper in any environment through corporate and personal training.




Companies which Thrive:


- More consistently make a profit and prosper in any economic environment.

- Are prepared for and agile enough to find success no matter what the future holds.

- Have powerfully compelling internal and external communication.

- Achieve great things by tapping into the special skills and abilities each member of the team brings to work every day.

- Built and maintain a strong connection to clients as part of the team.

- Have a shared vision and purpose, compelling enthusiasm by the whole team to seek engagement and find success.


Does your company possess each of these elements?



If not, Agile U can help you create them.



Our facilitated offerings include:

  • Change Management
    • Team/Organization Culture Change
    • Strategic Communications
    • Organization Narrative Creation
    • Team Building
  • Strategic Management
    • Leadership Vision Creation and Expression
    • Strategic Planning Process and Implementation
    • Innovation
  • Leadership Skills
    • Authentic Presentation Skills
    • Executive Presence
    • Conflict Resolution
  • Bespoke Workshop(s) Based on Your Needs

Select Clients

Enable your organization to Thrive in Any Future by reaching out to us.


Andrew Marshall

Former Director of Office of Net Assessments - OSD Policy, United States Department of Defense

Jeremy and his team create futures we did not even know could exist, helping us shape our scenarios and strategic planning process for whichever reality may arise.

Robert Bell

Former Director of Strategy and Planning United States Department of Energy

The team developed and helped us implement a strategic plan which enabled us to do far more with the resources we have than we originally thought possible.

Andrew Walls

Former Group Vice President, Gartner Security and Risk Management

Jeremy approaches everything with an innovative, inspired, and inspiring attitude which creates powerful teams, effective communication, and insightful products.

Agne Barcyte

Head of Operational Excellence and Planning, InfoSec, Novartis

Working with Jeremy was a pleasure. His approach is personable, his commitment palpable, and his enthusiasm contagious. 

Our Philosophy

The act of improving ourselves, our team, or our corporate culture require learning the same, essential skills: careful and kind listening, attentive eye contact, understanding the cues we give with our body language and non-verbal communication, “reading a room”, building a team, or leading through inspiring others. Sadly, these skills aren’t taught in school or at university, and most of us didn’t learn them from our family of origin. So how do team leaders, managers, directors, and executives learn, refine, or master these skills? In the same way that we learn any new knowledge: we become beginners once again and go back to school to learn a new way.



We train you and give your teams a competitive advantage. Better leaders create better teams. Better teams result in more productivity and positivity. More productivity and positivity are reflected in retaining top talent. And better long-term talent leads to more profit and success for the company.


Our trainers are acclaimed professional actors, improvisers, and facilitators. We arrive with decades of professional experience and come prepared to teach valuable communication and collaboration skills to your teams. We guide clients in simple, informative, and joyous ways that turbo-charge learning. We get participants out of their chairs and out of their routines. Our workshops assist even the most skeptical participants in learning, refining, and then mastering the skills of collaboration and communication. We bring leadership training in Ireland - and beyond! - to those companies and brands seeking to evolve their culture.


Jeremy's Background

Jeremy is an award winning actor, facilitator, and geopolitical strategist who helps individuals and organizations learn the Agility needed to Thrive in Any Future by leading Agile U Strategies and Communications to train organizations in strategic planning, futures foresight, innovation, team building, and collaboration and building the Wild Atlantic Theatre to develop an improv community on Ireland's West Coast. With more than 30 years in corporate leadership roles, government, academia, and the non-profit community, Jeremy brings leadership presence, team development, and mission-driven action to the table. Having performed with Second City, IO, and Annoyance Theaters in Chicago, Washington Improv Theater, and the People's Improv Theater, Jeremy brings more than 20 years of improv acting experience to every facilitated event. Spanning the nexus between the moment and the future, Jeremy teaches how to not just live in both, but Thrive through each.

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